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"Cecile, a wild woman? Yes... But hers is a childlike wildness, combining the joy of the sensory surges that connect her to the world, and the sudden and essential gravity of being, absorbed and absolved in the silent mystery of inner worlds, to capture their subtle and intimate essence..."

Anne-Marie Esteban

About Cécile Mavet


Cécile was raised in both France and the United States. Contemplative from an early age and touched by art and beauty, she first studied literature at the Sorbonne before directing her first short films at Vassar College (Poughkeepsie, NY, USA). At the age of 23, as she enrolled at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD) in Belgium, she became aware of her spiritual calling; this became the theme of her graduation short subject,

L’Appel (2011, fiction), which became internationally renowned and has won numerous awards. 

She then embarked on a long-term project to meet women who had dedicated their lives to spirituality.

This ten-year adventure, in which she combined her own inner reflection and her work as a filmmaker, culminated in the production of her first feature film, Wild Women (2022, documentary). Selected in various international festivals, it has had an exceptional run in Belgian movie theaters and has resonated particularly with an audience in search of meaning and inner freedom. Following the lead of filmmakers like Robert Bresson, Naomi Kawase, and Terrence Malik, Cécile Mavet has developed a cinema of inwardness, inviting the viewer to an experience that is both sensorial and existential, to make “the dormant water within a heart quiver” (Alain Cavalier) and allow the invisible to be seen. 

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